About Us

A non-profit shop, for Warriors big and small. 

The Little Warrior Shop is an endeavor of the Little Warrior Foundation. We're a true non-profit on a mission to cure kids' cancer. The “profit” from this shop doesn't go into pockets, it goes to researchers and institutions on the cutting edge of the hunt for more-effective, less-toxic treatments for rare childhood cancers. To date, Little Warrior Foundation has granted over $1,000,000 to Ewing’s Sarcoma research.

“I don’t want a shirt that says CANCER on it. ” 

That was the sole request from our 11-year-old Chief Inspiration Warrior.
We get it. Cancer won’t take up any more space on her body - not even in silkscreen.

We believe Little Warriors are not defined by their diagnosis, but by the fire in their eyes and the fight in their heart. We created merch to match this ethos while raising much-needed awareness and funds for the fight. 

Not your typical fundraising shirt. 

We wanted clothing that gives all the Little Warriors the swagger they deserve. Whether you are a Little Warrior or you love a Little Warrior, we made something for you so you can strut your support. 

We wanted items that never make it into your drawers. You know, the shirt you always dig out of the dryer, still warm? We are meticulous about sourcing high-quality materials, inks, and partners.

We wanted to create something you could rock everywhere. A lot of fundraising shirts are relegated to the gym or yard work. We designed merch that can be a daily wardrobe staple.